Stranded without Help

I remember being cold at night a cup of Kool-Aid just quench my thirsty self with adjusting thermostat. Until it fell of the wall now I’m standing in a cold hallway looking for the light switch but somehow the power was off. So I kicked and screaming looking for some foundation like a flashlight or a candle. As I move to the bathroom I reached under the sink to the flashlight hopefully it has batteries in it, my suspicions were correct while I go to the living room to see out the window. Accordingly, all I saw was darkness and lights flashing through my blinds and then I grabbed my flashlight went to bed without lights, electricity or air conditioning. I tossed and turned in my sleep hoping to find peace in this situation, it only worked for a second during the night all I needed was my mom’s blessing as she tries to calm down me for moving too much.


Blog 8.5

  1. Caleb Jones explains that people who do not go into nature are “cowardly.” Although the word cowardly is too strong here. I do think we all could see use more nature.
  2. In the work cited sources entries or the text itself, small stuff-“quotations”, large italics
  3. The first thing you need to know about a source is the first and last names of the authors. The first time you intro an author, you’re going to use their full name. After that, use their last name.

Where might you get help to cite something?

Purdue OWL



Easy Bib/ Citation Machine

Where three things are a part of an annotation?

Author, Title, Date, URL

Citation, Summary, Evaluation

Blog 7. “What is two apples plus five oranges? Traditional mathematics education has taught us that apples and oranges are two different categories that cannot be added together. However, MacNeal contends that in many real-world situations, the correct answer is “seven fruit.”

The main objective of this article was make people understand the pressing issue of using data, mathematic problems, equations and ratios in everyday conversations to educate the citizens of today. Joanne Wolfe brought up a quote that resigned with about apples and oranges. She described how we separate fruits in categories of apples, oranges, bananas, pears, grapes and strawberries, saying that we don’t integrated two apples with five oranges because of our education. As author and business statistician Edward MacNeal talks about the issues of naming and definition as to why is it central to mathematical discussions in his book Mathsemantics.

Is this article relevant? No it was published on November 2010. How current is the article? It was current 9 years ago. How accurate is the source? It is very requiring the subject matter

Blog 2: The belief in zombies, “it was only one part of a deep-rooted sociocultural belief in the power of witchcraft. In Haitian culture, voodoo priests do much more than create zombies; they are said to bring both blessings and curses through magic.

Where do zombies come from? Why are they associated with the apocalypse? It all started in Haiti with the Vodun people but the idea of zombies and their conception was passed down from slavery because the enslaved Africans were religious people. Some them believed in the voodoo deity Baron Samedi who taught the Africans to believe in him and they will be saved from captivity and brought to a heaven on Earth. But if you angered him you will remain a slave even in the death. The fear of becoming a slave in the afterlife helped the slave masters keep their slaves from committing suicide. However, a traveler and writer named William Seabrook wrote “The Magic Island” in 1929, which talks about his exploits while in Haiti and it brought the word zombi to the English language. Also there is another person who went to Haiti her name was Zora Heale Hurston who was a influential novelist folklorist, author and anthropologist in order for her to go to Haiti for research she had to act she was interested in becoming a Voodoo priest. This is when she came across a real life zombie named Felicia Felix-Mentor. She said, “I had the rare opportunity to see and touch an authentic case. I listen to the broken noises in its throat, and then, I did what no one else has ever done, I photographed it.” I found all these sources by searching for the questions in Bing.